Efficiency is at the heart of our platform.

RINAlliance’s web platform saves you time by giving you a snapshot of your RIN holdings, allowing for bulk transactions, reducing the navigation and transaction clicks, and automatically generating Product Transfer Documents required by EPA for each RIN sale. Clients switching from EMTS to RINAlliance report a significant time savings.

  • Dashboard
  • Automated PTDs
  • Streamlined Actions
  • Bulk Transactions

Easily analyze and reconcile your RIN inventory and transactions.

RINAlliance’s web platform provides the reports and data you need to manage and value your RIN inventory, reconcile accounts, and review transactions at any level. If you don’t see a report you need or can’t seem to get the data you want, contact RINAlliance staff to request your specific report.

  • Standard Reports for Monthly Reconciliations
  • Downloadable Detailed, Customizable Reports
  • Expert Report Generation Support

Receive the support and expertise you need.

RINAlliance believes every in-house system should come with its own personal support team. That’s why we don’t just offer a platform to make your life easier, we provide real people to help you learn it, use it efficiently, leverage the metrics, resolve issues and help you understand the “why” and “what” behind what you do. It’s like having an IT guru, number cruncher, continuous improvement geek and regulatory consultant right at your shoulder.

  • IT Support When You Need It — No Tickets or 24-Hour Waits
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
  • Unlimited Staff Training
  • Excel and Data Analytic Support

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