About RINAlliance

One Platform.
A Team of Experts.

For more than a decade, RINAlliance has helped the fuels industry easily and efficiently take advantage of RIN economics under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, commonly known as the RFS.

From fuels program registration to quarterly and annual reports, we accurately complete what is required so you can rest assured that you are in compliance with federal laws.

Additionally, RINAlliance provides a reliable, secure cloud-based platform that saves time by streamlining processes and providing data and reports to better manage your RINs.

Our services are for any company eligible to touch RINs.

Benefits of RINAlliance

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Big and Small, Coast to Coast

RINAlliance proudly serves a broad range of clients across the United States.

Whether you are a renewable fuel producer, blender, wholesaler, retailer, fuel importer, renewable fuel exporter or a RIN trader, our services are for you.  Located across the U.S., our clients manage as little as 16,000 RINs per year to more than 1 billion RINs per year.

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