Introducing Kayley Grant

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My name is Kayley Grant and I am the Compliance Advisor for RINAlliance. The articles posted here are dedicated to explaining the regulatory issues that affect the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard, as well as other related fuel industry issues. My wish is that these articles not only entertain you, but also keep you better informed.

How do I know what I’m talking about? I may be just a millennial, but I know a few things. I received my Juris Doctorate from Drake University Law School in 2016. After spending some months in litigation, I realized that suing people isn’t what I wanted to do with my life. Before you ask, yes, that would have been a more convenient revelation prior to going to law school, but hey, here we are. So, I’m using my library of sarcastic comments, legal experience, and knowledge of the industry to get the stale, often misunderstood regulatory issues out to the public at large in a more entertaining fashion.

When I’m not sitting at my computer hopelessly trying to overcome the world’s worst case of writer’s block, I enjoy spending my time outdoors. I am an avid reader, Netflix enthusiast, and enjoy cooking (or thinking about how to cook) the things I online. I am a fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Cubs…at least I have a theme? I hope you enjoy what you read here and walk away feeling a little more knowledgeable.

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