Remedial Action

From time to time, mistakes may happen. For example, maybe you meant to send RINs where fuel was going, but the RINs went one way and the fuel went another. Or maybe your browser re-loaded and accidentally submitted the same transaction twice. Your company definitely didn’t mean to do these types of things, but they happened.

Fortunately, EPA has a way to address these errors under the Renewable Fuel Standard through Remedial Action. With RINAlliance’s keen judgement and experience, your company can maneuver through the procedure without having to worry about missing something or incurring liability. Maybe you’ll need to adjust your quarterly reports to reflect the corrections. RINAlliance can help with that.

How do you know if you even need a Remedial Action? Give us a call! We know these things can be tricky. RINAlliance can offer sound advice to get you back into shape.